Flatto Peaches

Flatto™ peaches have arrived in New Zealand and are grown by Clyde Orchards. This summer Flatto's will be available from New World and PAK'nSAVE Supermarkets from the 12th of February.

Flatto peaches, named for their flat top and bottom, are much easier to handle than traditional round peaches.

This juicy peach has a superb flavor and is very low in acid and very high in soluble solids, with a hint of almonds and a sweet finish.

  • Rediscovered heirloom fruit that has been naturally propagated
  • Leaf graphic Grown in Central Otago, with climatic extremes to enhance the flavour
  • Leaf graphicSweeter flavour because they are low in acid
  • Leaf graphicEat firm like an apple or soft like a juicy peach
  • Leaf graphic Unique flat shape - perfect for a school lunchbox


flatto for lunchFlatto peaches are perfect for;

  • baking,
  • sautéing in butter and brown sugar,
  • eating with icecream,

but best of all eaten raw, fresh and juicy!

Flatto's are not nearly as messy as other peaches, and have more flavor. Bite straight in or slice the Flatto around the stone and the peach just pulls apart as you twist it.

Drop one in the lunchbox, grab one on the run or add it to your summer cocktail.